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  • a brief history of messenger bags

  • Postman who are using Messenger Bag

  • The messenger bag has a history dating back to the days of the pony express when the riders used De Martini bags called “mail bag” for delivery. This bag used by bicycle messengers in the larger cities. This bag is generally designed in various materials, initially in cloth, canvas or other synthetic material, with a shoulder strap that wraps around the chest area allowing the bag to lie flat on the back of the user. The design that began the use today was began in the 50′s by the De Martini Globe Canvas Company for utility pole workers to carry their tools. Frank De Martini, with a shop in Little Italy, New York, did specialty, hand made orders.

    The messenger bag has become popular because of its versatility, being less bulky and cumbersome as the traditional book bag, and it has become a fashion accessory for men as well.
  • John Peters' contributions to bicycle messengers and bag makers around the world.

  • Tracking the rise of the ubiquitous urban accessory
    • 1860Pony Express riders use mochilas, leather sacks slung over their saddies, to deliver the mail
    • 1880Bindle stlcks, the classic hoe and bandanna carryalls, become popular with unemployed Civil War veterans who've taken to the rails in search of work.
    • 1947Tent manufacturer De Martini Globe Canvas Co.makes shoulder bags for telephone workers
      1983East Village resident John Peters founds what will become the "grandfather" of messenger bag companies
    • 1989Timbuk2 releases Its three-panel courler bag
      1995Capitalizing on the all things X marketing zeitgeist,PAC Designs Invents the X-strap to stabillze large loads
    • 2009The messenger bag goes high tech with Arc'teryx's Mistral, an ergonomically designed bag with a new rolltop closure

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